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Have an idea for a new product, but still looking for that final push to take a leap of faith? Been working on a prototype, but need some input from a mechanical engineer or industrial designer? Perhaps you just need a space where you can be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have access to workshops? If so, then become part of something today. Become part of Trouble Maker.

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ARE YOU CHINA READY? – startup contest 2018

brought to you by THero & Brinc

China is the world’s largest market and you need to start thinking about it now! THero and Brinc are bringing this global contest to 10 cities across the USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions in 2018 to see if you have what it takes to make it in China! The competition hopes to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation and help to bridge local startups from around the world to China.

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3 Ways for Hardware Companies to Speed Up Their Success in IoT

by Changtsong (Joe) L.

The Internet of Things is becoming a reality with technology suppliers constantly pumping out new product offerings for both the consumer and business markets. These products have both helped us as consumers with saving time and improving experiences, as well as granted businesses with increased efficiency and lowered costs. While some companies are already running ahead of and have built an advantage over others, the IoT is a very broad term and boasts many opportunities, so how can new startups catch up?

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